Video Series

In our 3-year SignON project, we’ve produced a variety of video series. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of all the videos.

About SignON

SignON Encyclopedia

#1 - What are name signs?

#2 - Is sign language universal?

#3 - What is a sign language interpreter?

#4 - Who invented Sign Language?

#5 - Do sign languages derive from spoken language?

#6 - Is there a one-to-one relationship between spoken and sign language?

#7 - “Are there building blocks in sign language?

#8 - “Do new signs appear all the time?

#9 - What is a sign language avatar, AI, Machine Translation, NLP, etc.?

SignON Forum:

#1 - Aleluya Pena from Spain

#2 - Liesl Deforche from Belgium

#3 - Ashley Frissen from the Netherlands

SignON Arts

#1 Boaz Blume

#2 Aimee Campell

#3 - Hilde Verhelst

#4 - Lianne Quigley and Alvean Jones

SignON Interviews

#1 - Mark Wheatley

#2 - Maartje De Meulder

#3 - Dimitar Shterionov

#4 - Jorn Rijckaert

About SignON

SignON is a user-centric and community-driven project that aims to facilitate the exchange of information among Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing individuals across Europe, targeting the Irish, British, Dutch, Flemish and Spanish sign as well as the English, Irish, Dutch and Spanish spoken languages.
This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 101017255.
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